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About us

About us

Welcome to the Musicboxdreams website!

I am Davide, i'm 37 years old. I live in Italy in the beautiful Verona, 60 miles close to Venice.
I started collecting Enesco, Mrchristmas and Lemax items in 2001.
I started this site with an ambitious goal.
To build the largest collectibles Index on the net. I'm Enesco, MrChristmas and Lemax collector. I love everything is musical and animated. So you'll find a lot of this stuff on this website.
I'm not alone in this mission. I have my love, Rossella (thank you to be here) and friends that support me every technical/graphical issue.
I'm Italian and my English is not so good as i would it to be. I'll try to write in English as best as i can. Feel free to correct me in any way.
Let's talk about the Musicboxdreams project:

Website is divided in 5 sections:

- musical boxes
- multi actions musicals
- village collection animated musicals (this one wil have a very large section)
- musical figurines
- animated snowballs/waterballs

We post everything musical (collectible) related.

Items have to meet 2 requirements: to be animated (power cord, battery,wind-up) and/or musicals (electronic chip or carillon).

We include vintage and modern collections.

We're uploading material almost every day.

We don't upload partial collections. If you go example in the Lemax Santa Wonderland section, you'll find every item producted by Lemax for this collection.

Every item is uploaded with at least a pic and/or a video to see it in motion.

You can post your collection or share informations with other collectors. You can contribute to our website. Any help is really appreciated.

Enjoy your visit !

The musicboxdreams staff.

Felina World

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